Over the years, Alan has just about taken every type of photograph possible. He has hung out the side of helicopters shooting aerials, hiked through large factories to shoot industrial images, and braved sand fleas shooting swimsuits on the beach; he has pretty much been doing it all. He has photographed thousands of weddings and high school seniors and countless numbers of business, family and children’s portraits. He had the privilege of working with past presidents, celebrities, business executives and sports personalities, many of which I still have continuing contact with.

Although photography is his main profession by no means is it the only thing he is associated with. From an early age, Alan has been around the graphics arts and printing business, his father actually ran a small printing business out of the basement of their house, so he has been involved with the design of many brochures, catalogs and other printed materials. With the advent of the computer age, he now is engaged with web design as well and assisted or designed dozens of sites for clients. In the future, he will see these three items becoming more intertwined and the need to be versed in all aspects of the media industry.

In the future, Alan sees many new challenges to undertake and exciting images to create. Alan is currently designing new backgrounds, developing new lighting techniques and exploring new locations to create unique contemporary images and keep the passion burning.

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