Choosing The Correct Monitor Is So Important

For years, the debate has raged between which is better for graphics, Mac or PC. Now before you think this is another article about why to use one over the other, it really isn’t. It’s more about what monitor are you using and is it the best for producing the best quality in your images.

A couple days ago while looking through images I ran across some edits I had done a couple years ago. What I was surprised or appalled by the most was how orange/red the skin tones were. Yuck! Seeing these made me reflect on what I was doing back then and what had changed.

At the time, I originally edited this set of images, I had recently had my Apple monitor’s power supply die so as a way to save money bought a new Dell monitor. I figured that since Dell had such a great reputation for their PC’s their monitors had to be good as well. So I took the monitor home, immediately calibrated it and started to work; not thinking anything would be wrong. Fast forward a few months and I switched back to an Apple monitor and sold the Dell. I am not saying that there was anything wrong with the Dell, just that there is a difference in monitor quality even with the correct calibration.

I am sure reading this many of you are thinking that I am promoting Apple displays when actually I am promoting that you spend the money on a decent monitor. What ever monitor you use make sure it’s a good one. Take some time to research the better ones and spend as much as you can afford and get a good one. Above all, take some time to calibrate it regularly. A good monitor may cost you more now but when you think about the time reworking images the added cost is nothing.

History Repeats Itself!

It’s funny how history repeats itself.

A couple days ago, I got an email from Express with an image on it like what you see here. What I found the most interesting part of all this was, I was doing senior portraits using this kind of lighting way back in the 90’s.

Back then I was really into shooting high school senior portraits (500 to 600 a year to be exact and on film no less). Somewhere during that time, I met a really good friend and mentor, Larry Peters. Now I’m not sure if Larry actually came up with the idea or not, but he did teach me how to do it. I think even sold me the materials needed to do it. BTW - did I mention we did this on film? No option of looking on the camera back to see if we got it right!!

Now I am sure, that there are those of you out there saying, oh I can probably do that with a filter in Instagram or Snapchat or even come close PhotoShop. Maybe, but I haven’t seen it. Personally I’m not going to waste time looking for that filter since if I want to do it I’ll simply just do it like I did back then.

BTW - if you want to learn, for a nominal fee I’ll teach you!! Which I would imagine for a nominal fee Larry would too!

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