History Repeats Itself!

It’s funny how history repeats itself.

A couple days ago, I got an email from Express with an image on it like what you see here. What I found the most interesting part of all this was, I was doing senior portraits using this kind of lighting way back in the 90’s.

Back then I was really into shooting high school senior portraits (500 to 600 a year to be exact and on film no less). Somewhere during that time, I met a really good friend and mentor, Larry Peters. Now I’m not sure if Larry actually came up with the idea or not, but he did teach me how to do it. I think even sold me the materials needed to do it. BTW - did I mention we did this on film? No option of looking on the camera back to see if we got it right!!

Now I am sure, that there are those of you out there saying, oh I can probably do that with a filter in Instagram or Snapchat or even come close PhotoShop. Maybe, but I haven’t seen it. Personally I’m not going to waste time looking for that filter since if I want to do it I’ll simply just do it like I did back then.

BTW - if you want to learn, for a nominal fee I’ll teach you!! Which I would imagine for a nominal fee Larry would too!

Images from a Swimwear shoot in Miami Beach

As Miami gets ready for Swimwear week, I've been able to get some work shooting some suits. These suits were amazing with all the details. A special thanks to Lindsay Stidham and the 2BCAgency for arranging the shoot.

Something new for this shoot, was that I got to try a new light out. It is the Godox AD600BM. This is basically a battery powered studio light with plenty of power. It packs 600 ws of power and claims to get 500 shots on full power. I haven't had to use it on full power so I can't verify that claim but do know that after this shoot, the battery levels still showed full power. Obviously because of what it is, the weight is more than a speed light BUT the power it packs and the quality of light it produces make it a better option for most shoots. If you are in need of a versatile light, you should take the time to check it out.

Two different looks for the same location

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